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Favorite Links

Dave's Homemade Radios

A website with over 100 radio projects with enough information that you can build something like them. Included are crystal sets, and tube radios.

Peebles Originals

Mike Peebles offers a variety of crystal and tube radio kits and parts. There are also some nice project ideas on his website.

The RadioBoaord

The RadioBoard is a forum just for the radio project builder. It is a friendly board operated by members of the homemade radio community. Come, browse, join and participate!

602PC Suite

Software for the PC

FCC AM Radio Database Query

The Federal Communications Commission offers this resource that well serves the radio dx listener hobbyist.

Distance Calculator

Find distances city to city for your dx bragging.

The Stay Tuned Crystal Radio and Tube Web Site

Darryl has an impressive library of circuits and information about crystal sets.

Crystal Radio Resources

Lots of good radio building info here, especially for the beginner.

N4DKD Ham Radio

Brian Wingard's site for Ham Radio with some crystal set info thrown in.

Modern Radio Laboratories®

Check out the crystal set books, and the MRL® 2A crystal s

EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL

You can download the free EZNEC 3.0 demo version and analyze your antenna.

Crystal Radio Set Systems: Design, Measurement and Improvement

Ben Tongue's great crystal radio site. Highly technical and very well done.


Crystal Set Presentation

page 1, DOC file

Crystal Set Presentation

page 2, DOC file

Toroid Winding Table

This is a zipped file

Toroid Winding Table

in HTLM format.

Log Template

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, updated for 2008 Contest! Sponsored by the gang on the Antique Radios forum.