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Crystal Radio DX Contest Entry Format

It is recommeded that you use the spreadsheet provided from the Link on the Home Page if you use the distance/power calculations!!!

1. Name

2. Your mailing address and your e-mail address (if you have one)

3. Description of your set(s) - attach drawing and specifications if you want (if you win, we all want to know). Include detector and earphone/headset description. Tell us about your antenna(s). A detailed description including a schematic is required for all hobby class entries.

4. Age: (needed if you want the 18 and under multiplier)

5. Class - the classes are: BCB Open Class, BCB Hobby Class, BCB Loop Antenna Class, Short Wave Class, Short Wave Two-Way Class, and Below BCB Class.

6. For scoring based on distance and power for BCB Open Class, BCB Hobby Class, BCB Loop Antenna Class, the following is needed for each station reported:

– Sequential number
– Date & time
– Station call sign/identification
– Location of station
– Frequency (kHz) (or merely band for Short-wave class, if desired)
– Distance - round to nearest kilometer **
– Power in watts (must be a minimum of 10 watts)**
– Multiplier (see rules)(note: hobby class will use the same multiplier throughout, if applicable)** – Points- (calculate for each station)
– Subtotal points
– Age bonus, if applicable - multiply subtotal by 0.5 **
– Grand total points

7. For the Short Wave Class, Short Wave Two-Way Class, Below BCB Class, and the "Number of Stations Only" approach for the BCB Open Class, BCB Hobby Class, and BCB Loop Antenna Class:

– Sequential number
– Date & time
– Station call sign/identification
– Frequency (kHz) (or merely band for Short-wave class, if desired)
– Points (one for each station)
– Grand total points

Unasked questions and answers:

A. I hear a station, know it is not one elsewhere on my list, and know it is in the band, but can't get call sign, etc. Take the 200 default points and get on with it.

B. The station is in another country and I can't find the power it runs. I know the country and/or the city. If the station is coming in on skip, as it probably is, assume it is running 50 kW and figure the distance to its (a) city or (b) country's border nearest to you. Or just take the 200.

C. I have a cruddy set, a sorry antenna, and only get 3 stations. Enter anyway, we have no idea how many entries we'll get. My first set only got 2 stations. Besides, we may find out something of which you're unaware, like you live in an RF hole and that's all there is to hear.

D. I hear two stations at the same time. Can I count them both? If you can sort them out, sure.

E. I can tell the station is there using my xtal set, but can only understand the audio on my "tuning aid" receiver. Can I count it? Short answer - no. Longer answer - your xtal set must provide you with an intelligible, audible, signal.

F. What's this log business with power? Use the speadsheet or enter the contest based on the number of stations copied.

G. Is it okay to use a ferrite core antenna coupling coil in the hobby class? Sure, just don't move that core to vary the inductance; that makes it an antenna tuner. Once you set it for best reception, leave it there for the contest. Also, while you're at it, don't put a variable capacitor in the antenna/ground circuit in line with or across that fixed loading coil - you have just made it into an antenna tuner.

H. I want to try a kite or weather balloon to hoist a real DX antenna; is that okay? If you have a field which is a part of or immediately adjacent to your property which you can use, go right ahead. Otherwise, you can put in a separate entry (one geographic location rule); remember Ben Franklin, and check the status of your life insurance policies.

I. I have doctor prescribed hearing aids. Are they allowed in the contest? Yes, they are allowed.

J. Any other questions may be posted to Rap 'n Tap, Fireside Crystal Radio Clubhouse. We'll do our best to answer them.

Send entry form(s), and pictures, via e-mail.

Send to Jack Bryant. Note: in the e-mail SUBJECT LINE be sure to type in: 2009 Crystal Set DX Contest Entry

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