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Gil's One Tube Superheterodyne Radio

Here are some pictures of Gil Stacy's One Tube Superhet. It has a regulated B+ power supply that provides 150 volts to the plate of the 6BA7 converter tube. The IF on this 1AD set uses a 265 kHz IF coil, the kind that was used in old car radios. Selectivity is very good. The variable cap is from an old ARC-5 Command Set receiver.

The knob to the lower right is the RF gain/volume control. The rotary switch to the left is the control for the loading coil used for antenna matching. The power supply is fused and uses a four pin Jones plug to connect to power to the radio. An on/off switch and LED power indicator are on the front of the supply.

One tube superheterodyne receiver

Front view of set with separate power supply

One tube superheterodyne receiver

Top view of set and power supply

One tube superheterodyne receiver

Another front view

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