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The 80 meter Vertical Beam Antenna

The need for this antenna started when I put up a 629' beverage antenna and heard a lot of European stations on my ham radio receiver. First I built just one vertical, trying to work Europe on 3.790 mHz. The vertical worked well, so I decided to try two of them as a beam.

At the phasing box there is also a phasing line, a 73 degree length of coax. It is connected in series with the coax from antennas 1 and 2. The relay switches the coax to the rig, both shield and ground. It is used to select the junction of antenna 1 and the phasing line to beam the antenna to the NE. When the junction of antenna 2 and the phasing line is selected, the antenna beams to the SW.

Each antenna was tuned to 3.750 mHz with an MFJ antenna analyzer. I used 12 gauge black plastic covered house wiring.

The pattern is very broad to the NE and SW, allowing pretty good coverage for all DX paths. I knew it was working okay when I could copy Tunisia with it, but couldn't hear the signal on my beverage antenna.

80 Meter Vertical Beam Antenna Design

Figure 1, Drawing and description of the 80m beam antenna.

80 Meter Vertical Beam Antenna Design

Figure 2, Elevation plot from EZNEC

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