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Site History Updates

February 2012 – After a long break, the Birmingham Alabama Crystal Radio Group website got a facelift. New html5 code being the centerpiece of the upgrade. This website is now advertiser supported to cover the costs associated in bringing the upgrades and other costs to you.

July 1, 2007. The website has been rebuilt. The content hasn't changed much from before. January 10, 2005; corrected date in contest rules.

October 2004-January 8, 2005; updated website to include 2005 Contest info. Also rearranged site navigation.

Moved Contest results from Home page to a separate page; added pictures from Birminghamfest to the Home page; added Presentation pages and links; 6-26-04.

Numerous updates related to DX contest, February - March 2004.

Updated Home page with additional contest participants; 2-22-04.

Moved DX Contest Rules from Home page to a separate page; added comments about contest to the Home page; 2-17-04.

Added link for Toroid winding table in HTML format.

Updated template; modified points formula and put in notes on station power; updated template and toroid links with notes that they have to be unzipped; 12-30-03.

Added Contest Log Spreadsheet Template and Toroid Winding spreadsheet, 12-29-03.

Updated DX Contest Entry Format page, 12-23-04.

Added e-mail address on home page for Crystal Contest, 12-21-03.

Revised Rule 5.c. in DX Contest rules to show that distance rounding will be to the nearest whole kilometer. Added page on MATCHING THE ANTENNA and Lem's Antenna Matching Unit, 12-20-03.

Revised site navigation; added link to Owen's page on the Home page, 12-12-03.

Put DX contest rules on Home page; added page for contest log format; revised site navigation, 12-11-03.

Edited and modified links; made back-up home page, 12-10-03.

Added links to FCC and US Census Bureau Databases, 12-8-03.

Modified Home Page and Crystal Sets of Bham page, 11-27-03.

Changed Site Navigation. Put Crystal Sets together and Antennas pages together. Added units to formulas in Working with Antenna impedance page; 11-24-03.

Put in caption on the schematic for the Modified Bandpass Set page, 11-18-03.

Added pages on 11-17-03, Working with antenna impedance, and Antennas: the Inverted U antenna.

Updated multi-wire Flat Top antenna page, 11-16-03.

Corrected/updated the Modified Bandpass Receiver page. Added a page on the multi-wire Flat Top antenna; 11-15-03.

Updated Home page, 11-12-03.

Updated Home page with map, 11-10-03.

Updated 11-9-03 to add 2003 Contest page and modified Home page.

Site updated 11-3-03 to show more detail on the Sloping Wire antenna.

Site updated 11-2-03 to add link for Darryl Boyd's comprehensive crystal radio site. Added notes on using two Sloping Wire antennas to create a switchable directive array.

Site updated 11-1-03 to include link and additional reference to the EZNEC antenna analysis demo program. Be sure to see the antenna models now included on this site for Inverted L, T, and Sloping Wire antennas for the BCB. Also added a link to Ben Tongue's great site.

Site updated 10-31-03. New link added for Modern Radio Laboratories ®.

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