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Crystal radio show at the local hamfest.

A good crowd at the Birmingham Hamfest.

Hamfests are a great way to demonstrate crystal sets. Our Birmingham group set up a tent display at the 2004 Birminghamfest. This is our second year for the display. We had a great turnout, in spite of the rain clouds looming around us.

Last year the weather was similar, and putting the antenna up was a little scary; we had enough static electricity in the feed line to draw sparks! This year we grounded both ends of the antenna. Think of it as an inverted U, with 50' vertical legs, and a 250' horizontal top section (350' total length). The bottom ends of each 50' leg were grounded. The feedpoint was off-center, close to one end. The feedline was the same #14 solid copper wire that the antenna was made of. The feedline was held apart by spacers. The whole system worked great, and no sparks!

Martin Jue of MFJ visits the local hamfest.

Martin Jue of MFJ stops by to discuss crystal sets.

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