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Crystal Radios are alive and well In Birmingham, AL. This site looks at the sets and crystal radio activity in this area of the Deep South.

There are a number of crystal sets illustrated on this site that will give you ideas for successfully building your own set. Also the pages that analyze Broadcast Band antennas will help you choose the type antenna that might be right for your needs. Shown below is the 3 dimensional plot of Hop Hay's 910' long inverted L. In his own words, "The antenna is your battery for the crystal set!" The pattern shown is for 1700 kHz.

We hope you will participate in the 2008 DX contest coming up soon.

Antenna Pattern

Our Members and Events!

Steve Bringhurst shows us some of his radios.

2003 Contest Awards Luncheon featuring some of our members

Sharing the fun with others. Crystal radios at the local hamfest.

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