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2003 Contest Awards Luncheon

The Crysal Set Awards Luncheon, 2003 Birmingham Alabama Crystal Radio Group

Here is a local celebration of the 2003 Crystal Radio DX contest. Yes those are trophies! We take this stuff seriously! On the left from front to rear are: Hop Hays, Brian Wingard, and Lem Morrision. On the right from front to rear are: Zach Bryant, Jack Bryant, and Dee Haynes. Not shown is Michael Spanos who also participated in the DX contest.

All of the group are hams, and active on the 146.76 local repeater. The repeater activity helps promote local interest in crystal sets. We have others who join in our ad hoc lunches. Steve Bringhurst often drives an hour from Jacksonville, AL to discuss his latest crystal set ideas. For 2003 the members of the group used a modified band pass radio design, as illustrated in pages folllowing. Lem was the exception and used air wound coils. Check out his pages on this site.

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