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Crystal Radios Of The 2006 Contest Entrants

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Dave Schmarder

Dx Contest Radios of 2006

Single 1625 regenerative radio with 12 volts dc filament and plate Two tuned circuits. Coils: Antenna 660/46, detector 660/46 litz wire Sound powered headphones

Antenna 40 meter wire up 3 - 4 meters running east to west.

Here is my 2006 tube radio contest entry. I heard more this year than last year, so that makes me happy. I used my 1625 radio this time. It kept me warm too. :) Here is the web page:

Dave's 2006 contest log.

Dave's #63 Crystal/Tube Set

73, Dave N2DS

Lem Morrison

Lem used an updated version of his Regen set shown elsewhere
on the site. He used a 12DZ6 with 12 volts on the filament and plate.

Paul Shaffer

Dx Contest Radios of 2006

Dx Contest Radios of 2006

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